Saturday, November 7, 2009


We should be shoving off by the 14th if the yard can come through and finish our maintenance projects. Very frustrating ordeal. On the bright side we are going to freeze our butts off until we get down to Florida sometime in December. Could be worse though. We could be going to work next week. Oh well, life is good ! Just have to play the cards you are dealt and enjoy the ride. Before we shove off, we will post another update and will also do so along the way. We plan on activating SPOT this week and this will update our daily route. Anyone who would like to receive email updates of our progress please send us your email address to

We would like to share with you an awesome experience from Halloween. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has the "Sea Witch Festival" each year the weekend of or before Halloween. They have a huge parade, fiddle and banjo championship, dog parade and many, many other side events. It's very unique and lots of fun. Here are some photo's from the parade.

Capt JP and Admiral Ginny  

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