Monday, May 3, 2010

UPDATE: Unplanned Meeting of Old Friends

Hope Town, Abaco Bahamas

You can’t plan for things like this. Sometimes you just sit back and enjoy life as it comes your way. Ginny and I were sitting in Hope Town on a mooring and I decided to try the Oii Wireless internet service. It worked reasonably well and Ginny decided to email an old friend of hers who in the past came to Hope Town every year in April. Off the email goes and before we can shake a stick and (drink a couple cold ones) she gets a reply. Sure enough, Debbie and Lanse Houston are continuing their yearly trek to one of earth’s special places and they will be in Hope Town before we leave.

A little history. Ginny and Debbie have known each other since they were having babies. They worked together for many years at the same companies and Debbie is responsible for getting Ginny interested in sailing vacations (good for me). Ginny introduced Debbie to Lanse by telling her about a position at Lanse’s Company years ago (good for Debbie and Lanse). So now you have it. This relationship goes way back.

Well Debbie and Lanse invited us to have dinner with them and their friends (Jeff and EJ) Thursday night before we left Hope Town. They rent this home which is located on the harbor in Hope Town and is absolutely awesome. What a magical evening. This was my first time meeting Debbie, Lanse, Jeff and EJ. Their hospitality was beyond believable and they made me feel like I had known them as long as they had known Ginny. We told old stories and laughed until almost midnight. What fun! It will be one of those evenings we will never forget.

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