Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Car Trip to Jekyll Island

We are currently staying in Brunswick, Georgia at the Brunswick Landing Marina. We took a short side trip by car yesterday to get a taste of Jekyll Island.

Here are some photos from our side trip.


  1. Great pictures, really beautiful place
    What is Jekyll Island and why is it called that

  2. General James Oglethorpe established Georgia as a colony in 1733. Jekyll Island was named shortly thereafter by Oglethorpe in honor of his friend, Sir Joseph Jekyll. For many years, including the "Club Era", it was misspelled as Jekyl Island. The additional "L" was later re-added by the Georgia legislature in 1929 to correctly spell the name of the former sponsor of the colony.

  3. Check out their website.

    also the Historic Resort looks awesome.

  4. Welcome to Brunswick and The Golden Isles! The marina in Brunswick is a wonderful facility, and your photos of Jekyll Island are beautiful. I hope that you'll visit St. Simons Island and the rest of the area while you're here. For information about area attractions, etc., visit

    -- Patrick Saylor


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