Monday, April 25, 2011

Update: Ok. We admit it. We are becoming Worthless.

Not sure what has come over us, but we both agree every morning when we get up, we are becoming absolutely useless. It was best said by our friend Ray McCoy after a few drinks on the Sailing Vessel “Megerin”, “We’ll never amount to anything”. I thought about what Ray said and laughed my proverbial butt off. He’s right! All we do is wakeup to some of the most beautiful waters in the world, drink coffee, eat breakfast, read emails, check the weather, read a book, eat lunch, check the weather, walk the beach, read emails, check the weather, read a book, swim in the pool, buy groceries, have a couple or 7 cocktails, eat dinner, read emails and check the weather. Man, I’m exhausted! Oh, I forgot, we do take a shower every now and then.

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