Thursday, November 17, 2011

Once Upon a Time (A Bedtime Story)

Once Upon a Time there were two Very Special Hounds (VSH’s) that graced the Docks of Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, Ga. On a normal day they greeted new arrivals and resident cruisers with the love and affection missed from pet ownership days gone by. Getting a fix of unconditional doggy love was easy. These two hounds (and their owner) brought smiles to most people on the docks as they went about their daily work routines. They represented what all dog lovers seek, a dog friendly marina.
Then for reasons unknown, the Two Hounds were banished from the marina. What a sad day! As the news spread every dog loving boater in the marina was heartbroken. After the shock of the news, they were PISSED.  PISSED to the point they will reconsider where to spend their marina money next season.  What a shame!  A great place, with great people, great hounds and one butthead who screwed it all up. What a shame! What a shame!  Oh, what a shame!  


  1. Unbelievable!!!! People need to get a life! So sad! Love you guys! Nik

  2. Nothing more despicable than a dog hater....

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Animal lovers unite!!
    Maybe the butthead will . . . er. . . disappear!

  4. If you know who made this happen let me know. I am from New Jersey.

  5. How could anyone not love those two little dogs? All they want is a little love and I am sure they got it at the Marina. The world is changing and not for the good. Hugs, Maureen


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