Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UPDATE: Blow’n Like Stink Beach Party at Warderick Wells

That's 45 Knots of Hold Onto Your Hat Wind

Sunday around 7:30 pm the cold front came through and as predicted it’s been blowing like stink here in the Central Exumas ever since. Our wind generator is really getting a workout with the sustained wind velocity at or near Gale Force with gust well into the Gale Force range. The Emerald Rock Mooring Field is well protected from the Northeast to East wind so we are comfortable here. 

Monday we took a dinghy ride to the Park office and hiked to the top of Boo Boo hill with Ray and Sandy our friends on “Megerin” . They had us over along with sailors from “Patty Cakes” for a Sundowner. Yesterday we had a “Blow’n Like Stink Party” on the beach. 
Let the Party Begin

It was Jack’s birthday (s/v “Patty Cakes”) and his wife Shaun made a great apple cake which she and Jack shared with the group. Jack and Ray kept everyone in stitches with jokes and we had a great time swapping stories.
Jack Begging Shaun for a piece ----- of apple cake.

Friday before the big wind Richard and Ward on m/v “Bagheera” (a Grand Alaska 53) had us and “Megerin” over for cocktails. What an awesome yacht they have. We met Ward and Richard in Nassau at the Marina and they helped us get off the dock when we had to change slips. We also ran into them at Highborne Cay and then here in Warderick Wells. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these guys. What great souls they are.
Ward , Richard and Ginny
Looks like Friday we may be able to move down to Black Point or maybe Sampson Cay. Until then it may be a repeat of the “Blow’n Like Stink Party” on the beach this afternoon and maybe tomorrow.

The Guys - Ray (Megerin), JP (Wind Dust),  Richard and Ward (Bagheera), Jack (Patty Cakes)

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