Friday, January 18, 2013

UPDATE: Cumberland Island For Thanksgiving & St. Augustine for the Christmas Parade

Still having a hard time keeping the Blog Up to Date. A serious case of Lazyass has set in, not to mention no internet service in some of the places we have stayed for several weeks. Anyway here's the 1st Blog Post:

Couldn't Resist Using the Sea Shells on Cumberland Island

It’s good to be on the move again. We have always for one reason or another bypassed going ashore at Cumberland Island, Georgia. Since it’s only one day south of Brunswick, we usually shoot past telling ourselves one year we need to spend some time here. Well this is the year. 

View of the Anchorage, Cumberland Island, Georgia
Thanksgiving eve, we dropped the hook just south of the Rangers Station and Dock. We were the most southerly anchored vessel and enjoyed our solitude. The sunset was spectacular and the wind was calm.

Our friend Bill, on s/v “Memento Mori” , was anchored north of us about a half a mile and we planned on having Thanksgiving Dinner together. Mother Nature, however decided to give us a not so nice a day on the water. The dink ride was going to be really wet and it was pretty chilly with the wind howling so we each opted to celebrate separately.  Our Thanksgiving  menu included, Cornish Game Hens (I prefer to think of them as boat turkeys), stuffing, turnips, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.

We ran into our friends, Stew and Diana on s/v "Casual Class" at Cumberland and went to shore together. Cumberland Island is a must see for anyone who likes nature. Checkout their Website - Here are a few pictures from our visit.

The Main Road on Cumberland Island - Looking South
Main Road Looking North on Cumberland Island

Walkway to the Beach

The Cumberland Island Dune area is huge

Cumberland Island Looking South with Fernandina Beach in the Distance 

Cumberland Island Beach Looking North - Miles and Miles of Beach

Lots of Shells on Cumberland Island 
s/v "Memento Mori" Heading South 
After a few days anchored at Cumberland Island we headed down to St. Augustine for a few days and to help our friend Bill on “Memento Mori” install a new steering cable on his dinghy. 

While we were there the Town had it's annual Christmas Parade.


Not Again ! The British Are Coming.

The Tiger Must Have Been Well Fed.

For Everyone Who Loves Pink
Got to Have Classic Cars

Jacksonville Roller Derby Girls

Need a Bigger Horse

Newfy Rescuers - Gotta Love'm
 Here are some other St. Augustine Photo's

Just Another Day at Work for these Guys. Their View Rarely Changes

St Augustine - North Mooring Field

Love the Vistas of St Augustine

St Augustine Back in the Day

Lot's of Great Restaurants 

St Augustine - Circle by the Bridge of Lions

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