Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UPDATE: Don’t Push the Wrong Button

Yesterday we decided to explore the north end of Green Turtle Cay on foot. We decided to do this after meeting a delightful cruising couple who recommended the endeavor. Ginny and I took out for our adventure around 1:00 pm. We walked the road from the resort east until we hit the Atlantic side beach. The wind was blowing nicely and it was a nice walk to begin with. 

We knew the walk would be a little challenging and we were up for the task or at least we thought we were. About two miles into our walk and after climbing over a couple of rocky areas on the beach Ginny began to ask how much further is it. 

From studying the map I knew we were maybe halfway so I kept saying it’s just a bit further. This strategy worked until we hit the extreme north end of the island where it was almost all limestone and volcanic deposits. Tough walking to say the least. 

At this point Ginny started asking who’s idea was this and began complaining about being hot and complaining about her knees hurting. There was no turning back as we had crossed the worst spots and had the beautiful beach of Coco Bay ahead. 

I kept coaxing Ginny along over the rocks and finally we hit beach. It was low tide and water was about a foot or two deep for a good distance into the cove. 

Coco Bay is a place where sportsmen like to Bone fish and home to a couple private seaplanes. Within a couple minutes Ginny found a sea biscuit which was just the ticket to perk her up. 

Another mile and we were back at the resort and planning our evening while treating ourselves to a cold Kalik beer.  I was glad I didn’t push the wrong button along the way.

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