Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UPDATE: Point “Jesse” Declared on North End of Green Turtle Cay

Well it’s official. I declared the first point in my name yesterday while exploring the north end of Green Turtle Cay. Low and behold as we made our way over the rocks I stumbled upon a brand new property corner. Being a Land Surveyor I couldn’t resist. I christened the new point with a coconut I found on the beach. Latitude and Longitude of my new point will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

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  1. The area looks just gorgeous! It looks like a sea biscuit is the same as a there any difference? Jesse, we knew somewhere along the way you'd be able to leave your mark as a surveyor. Ginny we want to be sure along with the Kalik beer you're hugging those palm trees! We know you'll continue to relish your long held dream of cruising the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. D and S


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