Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update: It’s a “Done Deal” at Playboy Marine Center

Well this Update may be somewhat out of character, but, I feel compelled to report on our very positive experience we had at Playboy Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (Actually Dania Beach, Florida)
It Was Time
          This is what we get after paying a Diver to replace the Zinc and Clean the Prop. No More  using certain Divers in Brunswick, Georgia. Fouled Prop and No Zinc. Not Good. I'm really pissed to see this.

Based on our past experiences when we think of boatyards, we think “incompetence, overpriced labor, poor quality and workmanship” and on and on. Our experience is not based on choosing “cheap” yards. No. We always chose the yards based on reputation and not price, but always seemed to manage to get the proverbial shaft. Well give this dog a bone. Our luck just changed.

Based on a referral from a cruising friend and review of published rates we scheduled “Wind Dust” for haul out and a bottom job at Playboy Marine Center in Dania Beach, Florida. Playboy Marine is billed as “South Florida’s Premier Do it yourself Yard”. If you need to hire technical expertise they have a list of “Prequalified Contractors” who meet all of the yard’s insurance and quality requirements. We contacted “Done Deal Yacht Services” and received a quote to provide labor for the bottom job. We scheduled the haul out for January 3rd at 10:00 am. Hoping for the best but prepared for something less, off we went to the yard.
Please Paint Me.

Since “Wind Dust” is our home, it was important that we could stay on board, have power and have the use of land showers and a bathroom. No problem here. Not only is the yard paved, yes paved, they have 30 and 50 amp power and water at each work space. Ralph’s mobile Kitchen stops by at breakfast and lunch providing all sorts of options for the folks who want to keep their noses to the grindstone and out of the galley.

Feeling Better
Tuesday morning “Wind Dust” was hauled, power washed and blocked at her assigned work space. Our contractor “Done Deal” taped and began sanding the bottom and the running gear and was ready to begin painting Wednesday afternoon. All zinc’s were removed and ordered and I washed the freeboard portion of the hull down with On&Off to remove the stains accumulated in the ICW and marinas. If you haven’t used this product (On&Off) give it a try, It’s magic in a bottle.

Wednesday morning the last sanding was completed and in the afternoon the  1st coat of Interlux Micron Extra was applied. The running gear and bowthruster props (plastic) were cleaned and treated and the jack stands moved. The bottom of “Wind Dust” has an epoxy barrier covered with 2 coats of Red Ablative paint and 2 coats of Green Ablative paint. The red coat acts as a sentinel color to let me know it’s time to paint when the red begins to show through.

Thursday all zincs were replaced and the second coat of paint applied. Friday morning “Wind Dust” was lifted off the blocks and stands and the final areas along the keel were painted. We paid both the yard and “Done Deal” and at 11:30 am “Wind Dust” was launched. If not for our friends we would have never considered having our bottom painted in Ft. Lauderdale. We assumed it would be cost prohibitive. I guess good old fashioned competition helps to keep pricing very reasonable.

Wind Dust by a Nose over "Denali" yes "Denali" Look her up.
"Wind Dust" Says - Thanks Mom and Dad - I Feel Better Now.
We would highly recommend this yard and their contractors to any of our friends. Remember you can also do your own work here. High marks for Playboy Marine and Done Deal.

Oh, did we mention Playboy Marine is cat friendly too?

Paul feeding the Kitties.  

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