Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update: Sundowner In Miami

Saturday our friends Blair and Laurie on “Odissea XX” arrived and anchored in Sunset Lake. Sunday afternoon three more of our buddy boats came in from Ft. Lauderdale and dropped the hook near us here at Palm Island. Mike and Barb on “Goose Bumps”, Ray and Sandy on “Megerin” and Ann and Art on “Discretion”.  

Now we have the making for a good old fashioned beach party. So Monday after a couple of calls our Sundowner party was planned.

At 3:50 pm we shoved off from Wind Dust headed for Monument Island. As we approached the beach look, there’s a man doing a hand stand with his head in his dinghy. Yes, it must be Capt. Blair from “Odissea XX” doing his famous Sundowner dance or is he practicing for Parrothead day on Saturday (J. Buffett concert)? Nope just Blair, being Blair. We are still laughing.

Once everyone arrived, we had a total of 7 couples for our 1st Monument Island Sundowner. As a bonus, we were treated to the departure of 5 Cruise Ships while we caught up on everyone’s sea stories. It was great to see our friends Carl and Laura from “Ekotopia” who we met last year in Stuart, Florida. Fun was had by all.

Before leaving Carl declared henceforth the island would be, Carl’s Island. Yes this is Carl not Moses.


  1. Oh, you guys are just killing me. Can't tell you how good it is to live vicariously through you guys. I just returned from Brunswick last weekend and Dock 6 is just sad without Jesse and Ginny and Peter and Claudia....just sad. I see that you all are having a great time and I am just whining cause I want to be there with you. Hopefully next year. Keep the blog posts coming. I love them...specially the pics. All the best. Tom (S/V KEA)

  2. If you spot a sailboat called "Talespinner"..give Christine a shout. She is in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She single-hands and is a writer of books that take place in that area. I met her in St Augustine, FL. She's a nice, down to earth lady. You'll love her.


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