Friday, February 22, 2013

UPDATE: Shining City on a Hill - Got to Love Miami

Man do we enjoy the Miami area every season when we pass through. Great weather, anchorages, restaurants, beaches, views, the parade of Cruise Ships in and out of port, Biscayne Bay, the Boat Show, great public transit and the surrounding towns.
There’s no place like it. Sunny 75 degree mornings, palm trees swaying in the gentle breezes, Mega Yachts, Lincoln Road, Mega Homes, night time City views from across the bay and more Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris  and Porches than you can shake a stick at. Wow.

Star Island - The Red House only $50 mil.

Miami Sunset

Wind Dust and Carolina at "No Name Harbor"
Nearly every time we take our dinghy into town we run into some type of photo shoot. Last week while we were at the pavilion at “No Name Harbor" on Key Biscayne, we witnessed a photo shoot up close and personal. While we were reading our books and waiting to finish our laundry a crew came in with lots of clothes, a Classic Sailing Yacht and two gorgeous models.They were there to fashion Nautical wear and staged their wardrobe 10 feet from where we were sitting. The models were like manikins as the producers clothed them with many different outfits. Each time they would go out to the yacht for pictures and then come back for another change of clothes. This went on for hours.  Not much time to read. Oh well ! Needless to say I didn’t whip out our camera and start snapping away, so I have no photo proof of this event to share with you. You’ll have to take my word on this one.

Guys listen up, it is highly recommended that you accidently insert yourself into every Photo Shoot you possibly can. It’s simple, just look like you are engrossed in your book and unaware of your surrounds. Whatever you do, don’t look them in the eye and keep your mouth shut. If you have heart issues, you will want to leave before they have to call 911 for you. Anyway, very interesting indeed.

Ok, sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

The past few weeks have been great because we have been running into lots of our cruising friends here in Miami. Richard and Ward on m/v “Bagheera”, John and Marilyn on m/v “Carolina”, Dolph and Elisa on s/v “Tulum III”, Art and Anne on  s/v “Discretion”, Ray and Sandy on s/v “Megerin”, Stephanie and Pete on s/v “Brilliant, It’s been great reuniting with our friends and catching up on the latest travel news.

Here are a few pictures from our stay.

A Weekend at "No Name Harbor"

Sunrise at "No Name Harbor"
Art - You come down right now!

Classic Trawler at :No Name"

Megerin, Discretion, Wind Dust and Geo Nova on the Hook at "No Name"

Now that's our Red Snapper. Yum.

The Gang at Dinner
Left to Right - John, Marilyn, Dolph, Ginny and Elisa.

Tulum III at Star Island
An Inside Joke - "Dolphballs" in the Water

Dolph off to see the Lizard

s/v "Discretion"  Early Morning at "No Name"

s/v "Geo Nova " Early Morning at "No Name"

Left to Right - Sandy, Diana, Ginny, Anne, Art, David and Ray

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  1. Sorry to have missed spending time with you in Miami. It has always sounded good. We just couldnt' pass up the perfect opportunity to go directly from Ft Lauderdale to Bimini.


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