Thursday, February 28, 2013

UPDATE: Photo Shoot – “No Name Harbor”

In our last post, I mentioned we accidently inserted ourselves in a photo shoot while doing laundry at “No Name Harbor” (Bill Baggs State Park Key Biscayne, Florida). We didn’t have a camera with us then, so we could only describe the event. Well, it happened again. Not up close and personal like the last photo shoot, but fairly close. Tuesday morning we noticed the small Classic Sailboat used in the last shoot come into the harbor and I jokingly asked the Captain when he passed where were the models. He laughed and said “more girls”. We watched him take the wall single handed and we kind of lost track of what was happening while preparing breakfast. The next time we saw the boat it was coming back into the harbor with a model standing on the bow. As they pass directly past “Wind Dust” we noticed she was pregnant. They began circling the harbor with the photographer shooting away. This time I whipped out our camera and started snapping away. The photo’s aren't great but you will get the idea. We found out later the model was modeling maternity wear for Target. Wish we had a better camera. Oh well.

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  1. amazing. this would be so entertaining to have a ride on this.
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