Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UPDATE: We Must Remember, Lest We Forget

Like it or not, evil defying our wildest imaginations exist in our world. Evil existed in the past, it exists today and will exist in the future. Human good has always triumphed over evil, but with a high cost. In order to recognize the often disguised face of evil we must remember the past.

It’s hard to believe, but there are many people today who either deny it happened or are completely ignorant to the mass atrocities Nazi Germany performed on the Jewish People of Eastern Europe during World War II. The murder of over 6 million unarmed and innocent Jews at the hands of Hitler’s monsters is best known as the Holocaust.

In Miami Beach a Memorial was created to remind us of what happens when trust is bestowed on Political leaders with well disguised evil intentions. Located at the corner of 19th St and Meridian Ave the “Holocaust Memorial” provides a solemn place for remembrance and reflection. If you visit Miami or Miami Beach please set aside a block of time to visit this Memorial. Here’s a link to the Memorial Website and a few pictures we took during our recent visit.


  1. Thanks Jesse and Ginny neither Fred nor I have seen this memorial. It is a reminder that we have to always be vigilant. The Germans before Hitler were a Democracy, that was even more free than the US today. We think this could not happen here, but as we the people become less knowledgeable about our government and more dependent on the bureaucrats, we move toward what happened in Germany. I find it very frightening.


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