Friday, April 26, 2013

UPDATE: Miami Area Photo Tour

Not a great deal to write about lately so we will let the Photo’s do the talking. 

Espanola Way, South Beach

 Collins Canal along Dade Ave, South Beach

              Dink Ride Back to Wind Dust

Sunset View of Miami

                     Brickell Area of Miami

                   Views Riding the People Mover 

                            Views from Star Island 

                 Noname Harbor and Cape Florida

                                  Bayside Shops

                               Moon Over South Beach

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  1. Nice pix, makes me want to spend some time in Miami. If you are still there, try this restaurant--el Atlacatl. It's a Salvadoran restaurant--3199 Southwest 8th Street. The Mariscado is a must try (seafood stew)


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